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Highway Media is Canada’s leading mobile billboard solution. With more than seven hundred trucks operating in BC, Alberta, Ontario and ten US states, our 53′ semi-trailers and 40′ trucks are perfect for making a huge impact with commuters every day.

Our huge semi-trailer trucks provide the perfect moving advertising solution for the most creative expressions of your brand. Get the power that few other mediums can match. Use Highway Media to connect with consumers that can be difficult to reach.

Mobile Billboards Semi Truck Trailer Advertising available all over Canada through Highway Media Sales.

Why Use Mobile Billboards?

There are many great reasons to use mobile out-of-home to reach audiences. Not only is Highway Media low cost, but our massive moving billboards make a huge impact with commuters everywhere.

Low cost mobile truck advertising

We’re less expensive than any other out-of-home media. In fact, we represent the most compelling value proposition in the market with a CPM of around $1.

semi truck trailer advertising high impact icon

Our 53′ semi-trailers offer more than 1,000 square feet of image area. Combine that with the power of surprise and you have massive impact you won’t get anywhere else.

Our trucks are equipped with GPS tracking so you know where your ads are travelling 24/7. At the end of every quarter, we’ll give you a detailed report about your advertising asset’s activities.

There aren’t a lot of other massive billboards driving around. This means yours will stand out. This heightens the surprise and impact of your message.


Be King of the Road with Commuters. Every Day.

If you’re an advertiser using transit or other Out-of-Home Media, you’ll want to consider Highway Media.

Nothing has the impact of 1,000 square feet of moving media.

With exposure to tens of thousands of daily commuters, Highway Media is a great opportunity for growing brands — at a cost that beats other OOH media.


Toronto/GTA • Metro Vancouver
Pacific Northwest • Alberta • 10 US States

Live GPS Tracking for Reporting

Our trucks are fitted with devices that constantly monitor the truck’s location. You’ll know where your message is spreading and the approximate size of the potential audience.

Even More Great Reasons To Love Highway Media

You can update your message as often as you want. Our trucks are on the road every day of the year, so whether your message is seasonal or promotional, we can easily accommodate any changes.

Imagine being a commuter and seeing your ad on one of our trucks every day! It’s the sensation of seeing something truly different that stays with commuters to build your brand.

Capture the attention of commuters and diverse audiences with the largest marketing opportunity on wheels! Our 18 wheeler truck trailers provide the perfect mobile canvas for any creative possibility you can conjure up.

Challenge us with your most wanted messaging and we’ll make sure you hit the ground rolling on 18 wheels.

From sharp vector illustrations to dazzling photo-realistic images, we’ll strike the perfect balance for your brand.

Some examples of semi truck creative from around the world
With an image area that exceeds most out-of-home formats, semi-truck trailers give brands the creative space they need to stretch out and show their stuff.

We Do Mobile Advertising in a Huge Way: On 18 Wheels

Highway Media delivers what every brand wants: a high impact impression in unexpected places. 

No one expects to see a huge ad travelling beside them. This heightens awareness and unaided recall to levels not possible with other static out-of-home media. 

The next time you’re purchasing out-of-home (OOH) media, remember we’re the only company that reliably delivers audiences on highways and roads in BC, Alberta, Ontario and ten US states. 

Try us today. Combine the power of surprise with the immediacy of huge, full colour creative and get results.

Get Exposure to Thousands of Miles and Thousands of Commuters

53′ Trucks
Command the attention of commuters with the largest marketing opportunity on wheels. Bet you can’t pass one of semi trailers without looking!

40′ Trucks
We offer forty feet of pure image area (both sides yield 80 feet)  to delight commuters. All wrap and production costs are included.

We Produce Your Artwork and Wrap Your Truck For Free

Forget transit: it’s too small. Forget billboards: too expensive. Now that we’re including the cost to produce and wrap a truck, our mobile billboards are the media to beat.

To make it easier than ever for you to experience the power of mobile advertising, we’re including the cost of production into every 12 month contract. That means your cost to produce and create the world’s best moving messaging is more competitive than any other print-based Out-of-Home media.

Be seen by thousands of commuters in these Metro Vancouver regions:

  • Burnaby
  • Coquitlam
  • Chilliwack
  • East Vancouver
  • North Vancouver
  • Port Moody
  • Surrey
  • West Vancouver
The graphics on our trucks are guaranteed to last the length of the contract.

Compare our mobile billboards to transit. You’ll see there is no comparison.

53 feet of image area

We’re all around Ontario and 10 US States:

  • Kentucky
  • Tennessee
  • Illinois
  • Georgia
  • Florida
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • West Virgina

Comparing our mobile billboards to transit isn’t really fair to transit. That’s because we’re so much larger than anything transit has to offer.

Hit The Road With Highway Media 

40′ Trucks are Available for Less

Our trucks come in two sizes: 5 ton cube vans and the very large semi-trailer type. The 40′ truck size is an excellent advertising choice for brands on a tight budget.

5 ton cube van for mobile advertising

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